We know Fifi, currently the only airworthy B-29 in the world. But thanks to the work of a group of volunteers and fellow aviation and history enthusiast, she won’t be alone much more time. Meet Doc, the soon to be the second flying B-29.

Boeing Wichita built 1,644 B-29 Superfortresses and about 125 additional B-29s in equivalent spare parts. That was nearly 65 percent of the total produced by Boeing plants in Wichita and in Renton, Washington.

At the height of production in 1944, there were more than 29,000 Boeing Wichita employees and about 45 percent were women. Those employees rolled out 3.5 B-29s each and every day from a plant that operated around the clock.

Doc, a B-29B that was built at Boeing Wichita’s Plant II in 1944 and spent 42 years sitting in the desert near China Lake, Calif., was returned to Wichita in 2000 to begin restoration efforts.

Doc was one of a squadron of eight planes named for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

After being decommissioned in 1956, it was one of a number of B-29s used as targets at the China Lake Naval Warfare Center Weapons Center in California

Doc was rescued in 1987 by a group of historians with a dream. The group, led by Tony Mazzolini and backed by the United States Aviation Museum, had a plan to restore the B-29 and eventually get it back into the air. In 2000, it made its way to Wichita for restoration.

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